Cricket in the UK

Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW facilitates opportunities for young male and female cricketers to experience cricket in England. The program allows young country cricketers from Northern NSW to spend one (English) season playing cricket in a UK-based cricket competition to develop personally whilst refining their cricket skills. (These placements will depend on availability of players, cricket clubs and funds.)

Click on each of the following headings for full details of conditions and benefits:

Eligibility criteria
  • Age: Players are to be aged between 18 and 21 years of age as at 31st January in the year of the placement.
  • Residency: Players must have been, or currently be, permanent residents within the area covered by Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW branch.
  • Coaching Qualification: Players must attain at least Level 1 cricket coaching accreditation through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme and have the necessary clearance for “Working With Children”.
  • “Disadvantage” Qualification: Players must be disadvantaged because of one or more of the following
    1. Marginalised and/or minority groups such as indigenous people, females (where no competition exists).
    2. Geographical isolation.
    3. Financial disadvantage including family breakdown, lack of family funding.
Levels of Support
  • Level 1: Lord’s Taverners pay full return airfare and $100 per week allowance.
  • Level 2: Lord’s Taverners pay half return airfare and $50 per week allowance.
  • Level 3: Lord’s Taverners pay $1,000 towards airfare.
  • Level 4: Lord’s Taverners make all arrangements – all costs are the responsibility of the player.
Players will receive:

  • Whole or part economy class return Air Fare to England if Levels 1 – 3
  • Accommodation for the duration of the period spent in England, in exchange for small periods of work as agreed with the Hosting Cricket Club
  • All playing fees and sundry costs for the duration of the program
  • A small allowance for the duration of the program if Level 1 or 2.
Closing Date
For each year will be the last Friday in November of the year before the scholarship.
Responsibilities of Players
Responsibilities of Players will include (guided by Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW):

  • Obtaining an appropriate visa.
  • Being prepared to depart for London by 18th April, and to return by 15th September in the year of the program.
  • If receiving Level 1 support, before departure and supported by home clubs, helping to raise at least $1,000 or if Level 2, raising $500. The money raised is to be deposited into a special account to cover shortfalls in any aspect of the program. If Players’ home clubs are unable to raise this money, it will be the responsibility of Players to negotiate with Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW regarding any shortfall.
  • Obtaining at least Level 1 Cricket Coaching Accreditation through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
  • Purchasing appropriate Travel Insurance.
  • Supplying (preferably via e-mail) clear photographs for publicity purposes.
  • In England, undertaking work as agreed with the Hosting Cricket Club in exchange for a small payment to supplement allowances.
  • Playing in all agreed fixtures.
  • Contributing to the development of the Hosting Cricket Club via coaching and public relations events as agreed.
  • Furnishing monthly reports to Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW.
  • Furnishing a Final Report to Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW no later than two months after the conclusion of the program.
Responsibilities of Players’ Home Clubs
Responsibilities of Players’ Home Clubs will include:

  • If players are receiving Level 1 or 2 support, conducting fund-raising activities to be used to supplement the available allowances for Players.
  • Investigating the possibility of a reciprocal visit by players nominated by the Hosting Cricket Clubs.
The Hosting Cricket Club
The Hosting Cricket Club will:

  • Provide appropriate playing opportunities for Players
  • Supervise Players’ cricketing and coaching activities
  • Provide suitable accommodation, at a satisfactory rate, and casual employment which may pay sufficiently to meet the cost of this accommodation
  • Cover all playing fees and costs for Players.

For further information please contact Graeme Hoskins