Our Administrative Committee

Our Executive Committee oversees the administration of the Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW Branch:

President: Bruce Ward

Chairman: Stan Gilchrist

Secretary: Ruth Tinker

Treasurer: John Buttrum

Committee members:, Warren Phelps, Grahame Gooding, Jenny Cook, Don Whitelaw, John McCaffery, Ralph Gregory, Neil Boyd, Suzette Pearce, Graeme Hoskins, Ben Gwilliam, Joanne Cooper.


In addition, we have 14 Program Committees:

Committee Chair Email
Financial Disbursement Grahame Gooding gooding.gs@gmail.com
Fundraising David Underwood mail@davidunderwood.info
T20 Cricket Warren Phelps  wphelps@vnet.com.au
Sports Camps Don Whitelaw donbetty7@yahoo.com.au
Events, Functions & Corporate Partnerships Stan Gilchrist stantavs2@gmail.com
Cricket Placements Graeme Hoskins greame762@gmail.com
University Scholarships Stan Gilchrist stantavs2@gmail.com
All Abilities Sports John McCaffery nessiedog@hotmail.com
Our House Warren Noble Warren_HeatherNoble@bigpond.com
University Internships Jenny Cook jenny@parkerkissane.com.au
Financial Management Ralph Gregory ralphgregory1951@hotmail.com
Cricket Clinics Neil Boyd nboyd@bcu.com.au
National Raffle Brian Storey  bmstorey@tpg.com.au
Community Engagement & Promotion Graeme Hoskins greame762@gmail.com
Social Media Jack Quigley JackQuigley123@hotmail.co.uk
Regional Development Stan Gilchrist stantavs2@hotmail.com
Youth Ambassadors Ben Gwilliam bengwilliam@hotmail.com
Females in Sport Joanne Cooper jsma639@gmail.com
Think Tank Stan Gilchrist stantavs2@hotmail.com



Please contact the Chairperson directly if you would like to know more about the work that these programs do.