Lachlan Crowther

B. Sport & Exercise Science 2014-2016 @ SCU + M. Clinical Exercise Physiology 2018

Lachlan Crowther was awarded his Scholarship to commence his studies in 2014. He studied for a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and successfully achieved his goal, graduating in 2017. Lachie returned to SCU in 2018 to commence his Masters in the same discipline and has recently graduated.

The Lord’s Taverners University Scholarship has helped me tremendously in growing into the person that I am today, not only from University but more broadly from getting to know people, experiencing different perspectives on life and getting involved in the local community. The support from Taverners has allowed me to graduate with a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree and pursue a career as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist working with people who have chronic conditions improve their health via exercise. Whilst completing my University studies’ I also worked as a Disability Support Worker which made me appreciate everyone for their abilities and also gave perspective on getting through challenges, particularly when working in mental health settings. These experiences have allowed me the opportunity to work as an Exercise Physiologist to improve not only the physical health of patients in my career but also from a holistic point of view.

I worked in Sale, Victoria as an Exercise Physiologist after I graduated from Southern Cross University once I had finished my studies in 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the work that I did there, the relationships formed and the people that I was lucky enough to meet.

Since then, I have returned to the North Rivers in 2020 and work out of a multidisciplinary Allied Health clinic in Ballina. Things have also progressed personally for me, now being a father of 2. Things happen fast sometimes, but I am grateful for the opportunities presented thus far, and look forward to what lies ahead.

Cheers, Lachie