Naomi White B.Arts/B. Education (Secondary) @ SCU 2018-2021

Naomi is looking forward to helping her future students achieve their potential, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. She completed her studies in 2021 and is grateful for this Scholarship which helped her cover her university expenses. 

Naomi is now teaching at MacKillop College in Port Macquarie which is very exciting for her. She continues to be involved in Taverners as she is our Social Media guru! We wish her all the best in her chosen career.

 I have been studying a Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Secondary Education throughout my time at Southern Cross University. The Lord’s Taverners NNSW have continued to be incredibly welcoming and a support group that I know I can call on whenever I need them. This past year this has been especially important as I have gone through many changes in my employment due to Covid-19. I have also been going through the process of becoming a teacher through getting my accreditation. The changes I have gone through in employment over the last 18 months have been challenging but knowing that I had the financial support and the overall support of the Lord’s Taverners NNSW made this period a lot less stressful and I can’t thank them enough for their continued support.

I am continuing on the same Lord’s Taverners Committees that I have been on for almost three years now. I am enjoying this process and I am so incredibly grateful for every opportunity I have received through this scholarship. I look forward to continuing working with the Lord’s Taverners NNSW.