Narrabri welcomes us and encourages new membership and activities.

Narrabri is certainly part of Northern New South Wales and so qualifies to be included in the coverage of Lord’s Taverners Northern New South Wales.

With that in mind, Denis Byrne, Garry Craig and Stan Gilchrist headed west from Lismore and Taree on Saturday 22nd March 2014 to meet up with some longtime friends and to consider their request to become involved with our branch. Narrabri is almost 700 km from Lismore, so an early start was the order of the day. And we were unpleasantly surprised to experience the changes from lush green country into the grip of the drought – not really dry grasslands, but “no-grasslands”.

Despite the grip of the seemingly everlasting drought, Narrabri is proud of its sporting culture, as the following photographs show:


Sportsman's Wall Narrabri 04        Sportsman's Wall Narrabri 01        Sportsman's Wall Narrabri 02        Sportsman's Wall Narrabri 03

We were met by an enthusiastic group of people, including the Mayor of Narrabri Shire, and the editor of the local newspaper and we were soon being questioned about all that our branch does, and all the time about how we could encompass the young and disadvantaged of Narrabri, as well as provide some services to new local members.

Two meetings were held – the first over dinner on Saturday night and the second in a public meeting the following morning.

From the two events we have gained four new members, a commitment to promote our branch throughout the Shire and beyond, and already setting up a committee to seek and consider deserving youngsters for assistance from our Grants program.