Race Around Australia 2 (RAA2) progress

Here is a report from Manager David Lees about the progress of Dave Alley, the “super athlete” who is running around Australia to raise funds for White Cloud Foundation. In all Dave will run almost 14,000 km around this great nation and hopes to raise $500,000 for this wonderful mental health organisation. You can donate to the foundation HERE.

In completing the run (sometime in September, and having run two marathons per day!!!) Dave will have become the first man to cycle around Australia (RAA1) and then run around (RAA2). As well, he hopes to take the circuit record from Pat Farmer.

“As we reflect on Day 10 the most positive aspect of today’s journey has been the improvement to Dave’s left calf. On completion of his journey today he reported it is feeling as good as it has in 3 or 4 days. Certainly he appears to moving with much more freedom, except for the first 2-3 km every morning, where a hobble to start the day has become common place until he fully warms up.
It was another terrific output, with Dave chipping away to produce 77.29km on the Bruce Highway bitumen, ending approximately 10km south of Miriam Vale. Due to a late previous night and Dave being extremely fatigued, we took the decision to make a later start this morning, beginning the pounding of the pavement at 6:45am. Solid sleep is crucial, and the extra hour today was more of a help than hindrance.
Pleasing reading also came at the daily ‘weigh in’ this morning, indicating that Dave has only lost 600 grams since our Lismore departure. This is testament to the terrific work of Afton who is ensuring (and demanding) that Dave’s nutrition and fluid intake is what it should be in undertaking this extraordinary burden on the human body. Extreme diligence is paid in terms of monitoring and recording this.
When the shoes came off tonight we were able to have a closer look at his blister which has popped (see photo). As I write this, the others are working to dry it out and will later re-cover after application of friars balsam around the outside of the blister area.
Tomorrow we move through Miriam Vale and on towards Calliope.
~ Leesy ~”

What else is there to say?