Shana Miller

Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences 2016-2019 @ SCU

Shana hopes in the future to become a researcher, utilizing her knowledge in the field of addiction prevention and recovery.

The Lord’s Taverners not only gave me a scholarship, but have also become wonderful friends and mentors. I am extremely grateful for this scholarship, which helped ensure that my two daughters and I were able to have a house to live in. I have a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and this scholarship has assisted in covering the cost of living so I have been able to continue studying and finish off two bachelor degrees. It has also helped cover medical expenses (medical devices and treatment) which have allowed me to retain part time employment. This has meant more to me than I can express.
I plan to continue with my studies with an honours year in psychology, and then postgraduate studies where I will specialise in neuropsychology, with hope that I can give back to my community with the skills that I am acquiring through my studies. I would like to express my great appreciation and thanks to The Lord’s Taverners for their support.