TAFE NSW Resilience Awards

TAFE NSW  have partnered with the Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW to award the Lord’s Taverners TAFE NSW Resilience Awards.

These awards are recognition for one or more TAFE students in the Northern Rivers who have demonstrated resilience to continue and /or complete their studies

Teaching staff are asked to consider students who have demonstrated resilience – the ability to bounce back from adversity.  Student’s experience of adversity may be related to physical and mental health and wellbeing, disability, financial hardship, carer responsibilities or personal circumstances.

More than one award may be given. This award is worth $500 per student.

The role of TAFE NSW in this process is to nominate students for this award, assess nominations and make recommendations to Lord’s Taverners.  Lord’s Taverners makes the final determination, provides the funding and administers the payments.

Applications can be received at any time.

For more information please email: president@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au