Tineka Frampton

Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education(Primary and Secondary)2016-2019@SCU

Thank you all for your generosity in providing me with a scholarship so that I may complete my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education degree. I would especially like to thank you for your continuing support over the  four years of my degree.

Your generous scholarship has allowed me to buy my much-needed text books and the programs on my computer that I required to complete my studies. It allowed me to attend my practicums and buy resources to use within these practicums. I was able to use it to ease the burden of living away from home and allow some form of savings.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put in to seeing me succeed with my degree and to better myself. I very proudly tell people that I am a part of your organisation and greatly enjoying telling them what you do to help the disadvantaged youth of Australia.  I will never forget the kindness you have all provided.

Thank you, Tineka