Update No 3

Disabilities Sports Program.

Hi Stan and everyone else , Sorry I have been slow to respond but have been waiting for response from Wilson Park School and Biala school in Ballina.  We will hopefully hear from them this week.  We have purchased more equipment for Wilson park to be used by the kids in the primary classes , we have previously been working with the senior school students .

Wilson Park received a set of Dream Cricket equipment through Rotary but they are not sure how to best use it so one of our ideas is to organise some coaching for the kids on site at the school and assist with a sports day there.

We will meet with Biala to see if they are interested in activities like we did with Wilson Park last year and hopefully identify suitable equipment for the school .    We will see if they also received Dream Cricket equipment last year and if they didn’t we may be able to talk with Rotary to see if it is still available and help with coaching there as well.    If this goes well it would be great to assist in some sporting activities with the two schools combined ?

I also attended a terrific sports day at Goonellabah involving Disability groups from around the local area both school groups and community based groups . The main activity on the day was Indoor Soccer and involved over 100 people ,this was arranged through Lismore PCYC . They only have one of these events a year and I spoke with the main organiser and will try to catch up soon to see if we can assist in having more of these outings if we can assist with a little sponsorship.    If we get to go ahead with these days we thought different sports like a modified version of indoor cricket and Basketball could be good options .

Thanks on behalf of Disability Spots team  John McCaffery