Rules/Guidelines for the Schools 20/Twenty Competition

Rules/Guidelines for the Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW Schools 20/Twenty Competition

Competition Rules:

  • Each team’s innings to be no longer than 70 minutes
  • Teams incur an 8 run penalty for every over not bowled
  • A minimum of SEVEN bowlers to be used, with a THREE (3) over maximum for any bowler
  • Overs will be limited to a maximum of eight balls including sundries
  • Bowler’s run ups to be restricted to 10 metres
  • Front foot no balls to be penalised by a “free hit” next ball
  • Balls bowled on the side of the pitch or off the pitch are considered a wide
  • There will be no fielding restrictions, other than no fielder fielding closer than 10 metres in front of the batsmen
  • The incoming batsman has 90 seconds after the fall of a wicket to get to the crease.  This will be determined by the umpire whose decision is final
  • Batsman retires on 25 (yrs 7/8) and 35 (yrs 9/10) and may return at the fall of the last wicket in order of retirement
  • The wearing of batting helmets is strongly recommended
  • Teams to provide square leg umpire, an official umpire will stand at the bowlers end
  • Team scoring must be neat and accurate to assist with determining quotients
  • Teams are to be provided their own cricket gear, scorebook, shade etc.  Balls will be provided for semi-finals and finals only.
  • To ensure the timely completion of each game a maximum of 10 overs must be bowled from one end before having to change ends for bowling
  • 12thMan batting and bowling is not allowed in pool games as it can effect quotient calculations
  • Teams to provide their own first aid kits
  • The following point score arrangements will apply:-

    6 points will be awarded for a win, 4 for a tie and 2 for a loss

  • The top placed team in each pool will progress on to the finals.  Quotients will be used to determine placings if any of the teams finish on equal points.

For the girls competition the top placed two teams after the pool games will progress to the final.

Formula for determining quotients:

The formula for determining a team’s quotients is:

Divide runs scored by wickets lost to get the batting average.  Divide runs conceded by wickets taken to get the bowling average.  The quotient is then calculated by dividing the batting average by the bowling average.

Ground Support:

There will be a competition official provided at finals venue only.

Wet Weather arrangements for finals games:

In the event of wet weather a decision will be made at 7.45am on the morning of the competition day.

Schools will be contacted directly by phone regarding wet weather arrangements.

Game Times (preliminary rounds):

  • Morning games to commence promptly at 9.30am for the first innings with the second innings to commence promptly at 10.55am with the game to be completed by 12.05pm.
  • Lunch will be 15 minutes.
  • Afternoon games to commence promptly at 12.20pm for first innings with second innings commencing at 1.45pm.

Please note schools can nominate more than one team for any of the competitions.