University Scholarships

Past Scholarship Recipients:

Alanna Weis Alanna Weis Paint 10%

B. Arts/B. Education (Early Childhood) 2013-2016 @ SCU

In 2013, Alanna Weis was the first of our Scholarship winners and she graduates as an Early Childhood Teacher this year. Throughout her four years of University studies Alanna has always found time to assist our Branch as a volunteer. Alanna has found employment as an Early Childhood Teacher at Kyogle. We wish Alanna well in her future.

Lachlan Crowtherlachlan_crowther

B. Sport & Exercise Science 2014-2016 @ SCU + M. Clinical Exercise Physiology 2018

Lachlan Crowther was awarded his Scholarship to commence his studies in 2014. Lachie studied for a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and successfully achieved his goal, graduating in 2017. Lachie is returning to SCU to commence his Masters in the same discipline in 2018. During his studies, Lachie has volunteered on many occasions to assist us with activities. Once he completes his Masters he would like to work in the disability sector, improving the physical fitness, health and wellbeing of people with both intellectual and physical disabilities.

Jess Laughton


Jessica Laughton

Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology/Ancient History) 2015-2017 @ UNE Armidale

Jess completed her studies in 2017 in Armidale. The Scholarship money was used to pay her HECS debt, together with textbooks and other Uni expenses. In addition she did not have to work to support herself financially which meant she could devote herself fully to her studies and get involved with UNE Clubs and Societies.

Jess is currently working at the Goonellabah Sports Club, and completing her RSA and other certificates to enable her to get work when she achieves her dream: a long holiday in Europe! Jess is also employed as a Counsellor for undergraduate students at SCU.

Hearing I had been awarded the Lord’s Taverners Scholarship in 2015 was a life changing moment. Studying on campus meant I had to live away from home for the first time, which brought its own set of challenges. Challenges which were made easier by having received this Scholarship.

Thanks to the generosity of Lord’s Taverners members and donors, I have completed University debt-free. My varied experiences whilst at Uni have also taught me valuable life skills that I will be putting to use as I move onto the next chapter of my life.

Thank you, Jess

Current Scholarship Recipients:

Michelle Murray from Ballina. photo-2

Michelle has lived in the Blue Mountains and Melbourne before moving to Ballina to be closer to family. Michelle is an indigenous single mum with a daughter aged three. Michelle has worked in Pre-schools, mainly with disadvantaged youngsters. A recent experience was as a support worker with an autistic child to prepare him for primary school. Michelle has a Diploma in Community Services and will now study for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood) at SCU. Already Michelle has worked with us as a volunteer at the water point for the Lismore Sampson Fitness Challenge. We wish her well in her studies this year.

Receiving a scholarship from Lord’s Taverners has been an extreme honour and I would love to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the ongoing support I have received from members of the Lord’s Taverners. It is not just the monetary value that has helped me to succeed to date but the ongoing support from the donors of Lord’s Taverners that I receive.

This scholarship has enabled me to purchase a computer, keep on track with my bills and source childcare fees. It has enabled me to feel secure about pursuing my dreams and still providing and maintaining a good and stable life for my family. It has greatly assisted me in making my dreams of becoming a primary school educator a reality for the near future. I feel this scholarship has established a strong foundation for my future successes and it is with great pride that I am a part of such a generous organisation that nurtures people through an education and strengthens their network of support.

Thank you, Michelle
Tineka Frampton. 2015 SCU scholarship winner

Tineka Frampton from Terranora.

Tineka is in her third year studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education (Primary and Secondary) at SCU. She is currently undertaking her Community History project working with the Friends of the Koala Inc., and finding it incredibly interesting. Next year she will be doing one unit a session as each unit is a practical unit and hopes to graduate at the end of 2019.  She is also looking into getting a Certificate III in early childhood from TAFE at the beginning of next year so she can start working with children as soon as possible.

The Scholarship has assisted in paying for rent in Lismore and the purchase of text books and other writing expenses. Tineka has already worked with charities and with disadvantaged youth and intends to continue this following her graduation in 2019.

Profile PicShana Miller from Goonellabah.

Shana is studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences at SCU which she will complete in 2019. She then plans to complete an Honours year in Psychology before hopefully progressing onto a PhD. in 2018 Shana is a student research assistant for a project looking at outcomes for Psychology graduates. She hopes in the future to become a researcher, utilizing her knowledge in the field of addiction prevention and recovery.

I am incredibly grateful to be a recipient of the Lord’s Taverners Scholarship and would like to sincerely thank the members for all of the wonderful work they do. I am a mother of two, and concurrently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Clinical Sciences. This scholarship has helped enormously with easing the costs of study and life. I have been able to purchase textbooks as well as a computer, which has been a huge benefit to my studies.

It was also very nice to meet my donors and have their support extended to me. This has been a big boost to my confidence as well. It has been a long journey for me to get to where I am today and I really appreciate the opportunity to study. I would like to complete my PhD so I can become a researcher in the field of addiction.




Madison Rawsthorne from Tamworth (2018 Awardee)madison-rawsthorne

Madison is studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of New England (Armidale). The Scholarship has taken a large amount of financial burden off her shoulders and allowed Madison to spend more time focusing on her studies. It has also offered her opportunities to get involved with her local community and support the cause behind the Scholarship.

She is enjoying her studies and has recently started a job working for the Sleep Management Group as a Lab Technician. Her role involves interacting with patients, educating them about sleep apnoea and setting them up for various sleep studies. This has provided her with the opportunity to work in a clinical setting with doctors. The Scholarship was vital for her getting this position, as it provided financial support whilst she sought employment relevant to her degree. Madison has appreciated the support and encouragement of Stan and June Gilchrist on their visits to Tamworth and Armidale.




Naomi White from Casino (2018 Awardee)

Naomi is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at SCU in Lismore. naomi-white

Naomi is a student with a disability who is looking forward to helping her future students achieve their potential, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. She is enjoying her subjects and making new friends and is grateful for this Scholarship which will help her cover her university expenses. She recently purchased a laptop with some of the Scholarship payment to assist with her studies.