Objectives of the Association

As a charitable association it is the primary aim of The Lord’s Taverners Australia to raise money to assist underprivileged and disadvantaged children.
Our financial disbursement programme is balanced across a number of worthy causes including the provision of sporting facilities, equipment and opportunities for underprivileged and/or
disadvantaged young people. The people assisted may be disadvantaged in a number of different ways. These include financial constraints, geographical isolation, and physical and intellectual disability.

A secondary, but equally important aim is ensure the type of fund-raising event organised and the way that it is run generates enjoyment and fellowship among members.

The constitutional power of The Lord’s Taverners Australia has been structured so as to assist the Association in fulfilling all of its objectives.

Sponsorships, donations and assistance are welcomed from corporations and individuals who empathise with The Lord’s Taverners Australia cause and who are in a position to help.

We welcome all likeminded people to become a Member of the Lord’s Taverners – Northern NSW and look forward to you joining us in fulfilling the aspirations of our quest – providing a sporting chance for as many people as we can.

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