Southern Cross University Scholarship


(Please note that footnotes are all quotations from Southern Cross University documentation.)

1. Name:

The Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW Inc. has established a scholarship called The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship under the Rising Stars Scholarships Program[1].

2. Location

The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship is available to students who are disadvantaged or who intend to work with disadvantaged youth, and are entering or continuing courses of study at Southern Cross University.

3. Awarding and Maintaining the Scholarship.

The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship may be awarded to a student for one, two or three years. The scholarship may not be awarded in any particular year according to the following:

  • Available funds
  • Quality of applicants
  • Progress of applicants

4. Value of the Scholarship:

The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship will be worth $5,000.00 per annum to the scholarship holder.

5. Funding:

The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship will be funded from The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship Fund which has been established for this expressed purpose.

6. Eligibility:

Students from anywhere in Australia who have gained admittance to the Southern Cross University are eligible to apply for The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship subject to clause 7 below.

7. Disadvantage:

In keeping with the Lord’s Taverners’ objective of “giving the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance”, the applicant must be able to demonstrate personal disadvantage, or the expressed desire to work with people who are disadvantaged in one or more of the following categories:

  • Geographical isolation
  • Financial disadvantage
  • Marginalised and/or minority groups
  • Physical or intellectual Disability

8. Selection of Scholars:

Southern Cross University’s Scholarships Office manages the application and selection process for scholarships. Generally, when a local high school leaver applies for Southern Cross University, they complete a scholarship application form as a part of the University’s Star Entry Application creating a large pool of potential scholarship recipients. Mature age students, students from outside the University’s feeder region, or those who do not complete star entry are able to apply for scholarships on a separate application form or online.
The Scholarships Office determines eligibility for scholarships and shortlists applicants based on the selection criteria identified by the scholarship donor. Southern Cross University would provide a shortlist and a full copy of the shortlisted applications to the selection committee for this scholarship.

Members of the Further Education Committee form the Selection Committee for this scholarship.

9. Satisfactory Progress and Reporting:

Students who are awarded The Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship must make satisfactory progress in their courses of study, as per Southern Cross University’s requirements[4], and provide an appropriate report each year to Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW branch in order to retain the scholarship for subsequent years. Failure in either or both of these requirements may lead to the loss of the scholarship for that year. (See “Student obligations and termination” footnote 4).


[1] The Rising Stars Scholarships Program

This program was established to provide financial assistance to students with outstanding academic potential as well as those who may not have the opportunity for a university education without financial support. It recognises success, promotes learning and encourages students to achieve their goals by alleviating some of the financial pressure associated with full-time study.

More than 50 businesses, clubs, Councils, individuals and trusts support scholarships through the Rising Stars Scholarships program and the Lord’s Taverners (Northern NSW) University Scholarship is awarded within this program.

[2] Student obligations and termination

Student obligations are set out in a Scholarship Agreement between the student and Southern Cross University and include the following:

  • Students who defer their studies in the first year are ineligible
  • Deferments can only be made following approval. Recipients of scholarships of more than one-year duration can defer for a maximum period of 6 months taken in a single block.
  • If for some reason, the recipient of the Scholarship withdraws from his/her study prior to the University’s published ‘Withdraw without Failure’ date, the recipient will be required to pay back the full amount of the scholarship for that semester.

If a scholarship is terminated prior to the student’s consumption of the full entitlement, the University’s policy is to reallocate the remaining value to another student who best meets the selection criteria, in the next available application period. Donors are asked to endorse this course of action and any recommended recipient prior to an offer being made.

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