University Scholarships

Current Scholarship Recipients:

Amber Wheatley from Lismore 2022-2023

Amber has recently been awarded a Southern Cross University Scholarship to assist with her studies in a Bachelor of Education.

Thank you, Lord's Taverners, for selecting me to receive this assistance, being grateful is an understatement. In receiving the scholarship, it has lowered my anxiety levels going into my first placement, as I and my family are facing some hardships at this current time. I am presently living at my sister’s house with my two children, Sophia who is five and my son Chaise, who is eight and has a diagnosis of ASD. We have been affected by the recent floods, losing our home and all our belongings, so every little bit of help is greatly appreciated at the current time.

This assistance will allow me to purchase study resources that I lost in the floods, so that I can rebuild my learning space. In turn, this will encourage me to continue studying my great passion for education and support me to focus on being the best preservice teacher I can be for our local students.


Tianna Sullivan from Bingara 2022-2026

Tianna has recently been awarded a Southern Cross University (Gold Coast campus) Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

This scholarship means the absolute world to me as it will allow me to continue to support myself while also providing me with some financial freedom to ensure I have all the equipment I will need to complete my studies. This support provides me with a clear pathway to a career in which I can also provide support, and hopefully make even half the difference to my patient’s lives as Lord’s Taverners has made to mine.


Brianna DiBari from Coffs Harbour 2021-2023

Brianna was awarded a Southern Cross University (Coffs Harbour campus) Scholarship to study Nursing. 

I was awarded a Scholarship from The Lord's Taverners to study the degree, Bachelor of Nursing in Coffs Harbour. At the end of my degree, I hope to become a qualified nurse with a comprehensive skill set and hope to help as many people as I can. This Scholarship has been so amazing in reducing financial burden as I am able to have a more flexible workload to fit in with my study load, which is so helpful, as this degree is three years. Hopefully by the end of 2023 I will have completed my degree and will branch off into different areas of health connected to nursing such as midwifery and paediatrics. I have a large family network with younger cousins, nieces and nephews and enjoy spending time with them. Gaining experience with them has encouraged me to look to a career to working with children.

 I currently work at Woolworths which has been a great job right now and I enjoy going to the movies with my family. As I live on campus, I also enjoy spending time with my roommates as they also understand the Uni life. My scholarship has enabled me to become a more independent person who can focus on my studies and enjoy my pathway to nursing.


Kobe Sangster from Gulmarrad 2020-2022

Kobe was awarded a Southern Cross University (Coffs Harbour campus) Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Psychological Science with the aim of becoming a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, which will take 6-8 years. His goal is to set up his own clinical practice to support people with emotional, mental and behavioural problems. Although being a student has been challenging the Scholarship has taken a lot of the financial burden away, allowing Kobe to concentrate on his studies. He is on track to finish his degree by the end of this year. By studying this degree he hopes to promote resilience and help people discover their strengths.

He is actively involved in cricket and soccer including refereeing for Junior and Senior soccer games on a regular basis. In his spare time he likes to do photography, fishing with his family and reading, pastimes that are fun and also relaxing.

Keryn Laing from Lismore 2019-2022

Keryn is in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood) at Southern Cross University. Studying this degree will allow her to reach her life-long goal and make her dreams of working with children a reality. Keryn has a particular interest in working with special needs children. Keryn has recently been working as a carer for teens with disabilities, which she is enjoying. She passionately believes that every child can learn and achieve great things in the right environment.

With the generous assistance offered by Lord’s Taverners I will be able to put my beliefs into practice. Receiving the Lord’s Taverners Scholarship has helped me to remove the financial stress of studying full time whilst I raise my three children. The Lord’s Taverners are an extremely supportive group of people and I will forever be grateful for their support as they have gifted me with the help needed to be able to raise my children whilst I chase my dreams.


Past Scholarship Recipients:

Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes Indigenous Knowledge Honours Scholarship 2021 @ SCU

Atalanta was the Lord's Taverners NNSW Indigneous Knowledge Honours Scholar for 2021 and studied at the Southern Cross University Campus at Coffs Harbour.

The Lord Taverners Scholarship has enabled me to take on the Honours component in the Bachelor of Indigenous Knowledge degree with Gnibi at Southern Cross University. Indigenous Knowledge as a discipline within Southern Cross University has been immensely beneficial for me as a woman and a scholar. I had been attempting to gain a tertiary qualification since 1999 when I enrolled in Social Science with UNE. The B IndgK is the first degree I have successfully completed, and I was very happy to get a place in the Honours programme to finish off this degree. My Honours thesis is an autoethnographic reflection of how principled engagement with Indigenous Knowledge is a pathway to mediating historical and ongoing colonising processes in my personal and interpersonal relationships.

Successful completion of the Gonours programme will give me options for further study at Masters or Doctorate level if I want to continue within the Academy. The scholarship has allowed me to focus on my thesis, be present to guide my daughters through their teenage years and continue voluntary work within my community. 


Sheldon Harrington Indigenous Knowledge Honours Scholarship 2020 @ SCU

Sheldon was selected for the 2020 Lord’s Taverners Indigenous Knowledge Honours Scholarship based at SCU. He is a young local Widjabul Artist from the Bundjalung Nation on the NSW Far North Coast. He has been painting, designing, creating and storytelling for more than 15 years. “My art is more than just tangible objects, it also encompasses values, kinship systems, ways of learning and teaching, communicating and decision making through our ways of knowing, doing, being and seeing. I want to contribute to the existing literature by grounding through story, connection to place and positioning the patterns of interactions through Country as a mediating device for Knowledge and Philosophy.”

His Honours Thesis investigated the ways in which Indigenous Art can effectively influence the recognition and greater acceptance of Indigenous culture within society. Sheldon is an outstanding artist and is one of three local artists who are developing significant sites along the Pacific Motorway.

He has also recently designed a new "Thank You" card for our branch. We wish him all the best for the future.

Michelle Murray

B.Arts/B. Education (Primary/Early Childhood) 2017-2020 @ SCU

Michelle has lived in the Blue Mountains and Melbourne before moving to Ballina to be closer to family. Michelle is an indigenous single mum with a young daughter. Michelle has worked in Pre-schools, mainly with disadvantaged youngsters. Michelle has a Diploma in Community Services and recently completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood) at SCU.  We wish her well in her future.

Receiving a scholarship to achieve my passion of teaching means more to me then I originally realised upon applying for this scholarship. The support and the family I have come to find in my donors and fellow scholarship receivers has contributed in ways that funding alone cannot. The combination of funding and a strong group of people who believe in my abilities and support me through my learning journey at university has built a strong foundation that I will proudly build upon for the rest of my life.

Thank you Lord’s Taverners for identifying the strong points of supporting individuals like myself who have experienced disadvantages that take a toll on our self-esteem, self-belief and perseverance. Thank you for helping me grow in myself in a way that I can apply through so many aspects of my current and future life. Through my scholarship you have changed more than my life and I feel very proud to represent such an amazing group of people who put their hearts into building, maintaining and developing this organization. You all do an incredible job in combining your strengths to successfully change people’s lives.


Madison Rawsthorne B. Criminology 2019-2021 @ UNE Armidale

Madison has almost completed a Bachelor of Criminology at the University of New England (Armidale). The Scholarship she received has taken a large amount of financial burden off her shoulders and allowed Madison to spend more time focusing on her studies. It has also offered her opportunities to get involved with her local community and support the cause behind the Scholarship. She is very interested in advocacy work, particularly around disability support and hopes to pursue this once she has graduated. She is also working as well as being a busy Mum to her stepson and young daughter.

Madi is hoping to commence her Practical Legal Training in 2022 with a view to being admitted as a Solicitor. She is obviously very adept at multi-tasking as she manages all of her many commitments and has very much appreciated the support and encouragement of Stan and June Gilchrist on their visits to Tamworth and Armidale.

Naomi White B.Arts/B. Education (Secondary) @ SCU 2018-2021

Naomi is looking forward to helping her future students achieve their potential, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. She completed her studies in 2021 and is grateful for this Scholarship which helped her cover her university expenses. 

Naomi is now teaching at MacKillop College in Port Macquarie which is very exciting for her. She continues to be involved in Taverners as she is our Social Media guru! We wish her all the best in her chosen career.

 I have been studying a Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Secondary Education throughout my time at Southern Cross University. The Lord’s Taverners NNSW have continued to be incredibly welcoming and a support group that I know I can call on whenever I need them. This past year this has been especially important as I have gone through many changes in my employment due to Covid-19. I have also been going through the process of becoming a teacher through getting my accreditation. The changes I have gone through in employment over the last 18 months have been challenging but knowing that I had the financial support and the overall support of the Lord’s Taverners NNSW made this period a lot less stressful and I can't thank them enough for their continued support.

I am continuing on the same Lord’s Taverners Committees that I have been on for almost three years now. I am enjoying this process and I am so incredibly grateful for every opportunity I have received through this scholarship. I look forward to continuing working with the Lord’s Taverners NNSW.



Alanna Weis

B. Arts/B. Education (Early Childhood) 2013-2016 @ SCU

In 2013, Alanna Weis was the first of our Scholarship recipients and she graduated as an Early Childhood Teacher in 2016. Throughout her four years of University studies Alanna always found time to assist our Branch as a volunteer. Initially Alanna found employment as an Early Childhood Teacher at Kyogle, but more recently has moved to the Goonellabah Preschool. We wish Alanna well in her future.

Lachlan Crowther

B. Sport & Exercise Science 2014-2016 @ SCU + M. Clinical Exercise Physiology 2018

Lachlan Crowther was awarded his Scholarship to commence his studies in 2014. He studied for a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and successfully achieved his goal, graduating in 2017. Lachie returned to SCU in 2018 to commence his Masters in the same discipline and has recently graduated.

The Lord’s Taverners University Scholarship has helped me tremendously in growing into the person that I am today, not only from University but more broadly from getting to know people, experiencing different perspectives on life and getting involved in the local community. The support from Taverners has allowed me to graduate with a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree and pursue a career as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist working with people who have chronic conditions improve their health via exercise. Whilst completing my University studies’ I also worked as a Disability Support Worker which made me appreciate everyone for their abilities and also gave perspective on getting through challenges, particularly when working in mental health settings. These experiences have allowed me the opportunity to work as an Exercise Physiologist to improve not only the physical health of patients in my career but also from a holistic point of view.

I worked in Sale, Victoria as an Exercise Physiologist after I graduated from Southern Cross University once I had finished my studies in 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the work that I did there, the relationships formed and the people that I was lucky enough to meet.

Since then, I have returned to the North Rivers in 2020 and work out of a multidisciplinary Allied Health clinic in Ballina. Things have also progressed personally for me, now being a father of 2. Things happen fast sometimes, but I am grateful for the opportunities presented thus far, and look forward to what lies ahead.

Cheers, Lachie

Jessica Laughton

Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology/Ancient History) 2015-2017 @ UNE Armidale

Jess completed her studies in 2017 in Armidale. The Scholarship money was used to pay her HECS debt, together with textbooks and other Uni expenses. In addition she did not have to work to support herself financially which meant she could devote herself fully to her studies and get involved with UNE Clubs and Societies.

Jess is currently working at the Goonellabah Sports Club, and completing her RSA and other certificates to enable her to get work when she achieves her dream: a long holiday in Europe! Jess is also employed as a Counsellor for undergraduate students at SCU.

Hearing I had been awarded the Lord’s Taverners Scholarship in 2015 was a life changing moment. Studying on campus meant I had to live away from home for the first time, which brought its own set of challenges. Challenges which were made easier by having received this Scholarship.

Thanks to the generosity of Lord’s Taverners members and donors, I have completed University debt-free. My varied experiences whilst at Uni have also taught me valuable life skills that I will be putting to use as I move onto the next chapter of my life.

Thank you, Jess

Tineka Frampton

Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education(Primary and Secondary)2016-2019@SCU

Thank you all for your generosity in providing me with a scholarship so that I may complete my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education degree. I would especially like to thank you for your continuing support over the  four years of my degree.

Your generous scholarship has allowed me to buy my much-needed text books and the programs on my computer that I required to complete my studies. It allowed me to attend my practicums and buy resources to use within these practicums. I was able to use it to ease the burden of living away from home and allow some form of savings.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put in to seeing me succeed with my degree and to better myself. I very proudly tell people that I am a part of your organisation and greatly enjoying telling them what you do to help the disadvantaged youth of Australia.  I will never forget the kindness you have all provided.

Thank you, Tineka

Shana Miller

Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences 2016-2019 @ SCU

Shana hopes in the future to become a researcher, utilizing her knowledge in the field of addiction prevention and recovery.

The Lord’s Taverners not only gave me a scholarship, but have also become wonderful friends and mentors. I am extremely grateful for this scholarship, which helped ensure that my two daughters and I were able to have a house to live in. I have a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and this scholarship has assisted in covering the cost of living so I have been able to continue studying and finish off two bachelor degrees. It has also helped cover medical expenses (medical devices and treatment) which have allowed me to retain part time employment. This has meant more to me than I can express.
I plan to continue with my studies with an honours year in psychology, and then postgraduate studies where I will specialise in neuropsychology, with hope that I can give back to my community with the skills that I am acquiring through my studies. I would like to express my great appreciation and thanks to The Lord’s Taverners for their support.