Spirit of the Game Award

Nominees for this award should exemplify all aspects of sportsmanship.

Our 2021 Spirit of the Game Award for Cricket: Nathan Pryke from Pottsville Beach Cricket Club

The nominee should be a player judged by the club/association for which they play to embody the principles of Spirit of the Game. These traits can include but are not limited to: integrity, responsibility, fairness, sportsmanship, and respect for opponents, coaches and team mates. They may be a role model and inspire their team mates. They are dedicated to attending practice and games. They may take on other duties associated with the sport for not only the team in which they are a member but other levels and aspects of the game such as match official, assistance in canteen, responsibility for equipment, coaching infant and primary age players etc. The player may also have overcome obstacles (physical, financial, geographic, social etc) in order to participate. They are not necessarily the best player but are the player that best reflects and represents the Spirit of the Game in which they participate.

Each club is only able to nominate one player per season. Eligible players will have participated in a team in the Under 16’s tournament.

This is an annual award and the winners name will be recorded on a perpetual trophy. Each nominee will receive a letter recognising their efforts and nomination. The winner will also receive a certificate and a $100 voucher.

Cricket was chosen as the summer sport for 2021 but we are hoping to expand this Award further to include Soccer, Netball, Softball and Rugby Union.

To apply for a Spirit of the Game Award please click here

Email application to: president@lordstaverners-northernnsw.com.au